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Weekly Photo Challenge #24: As Pure As Snow

In response to this week’s theme Pure, “Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity. The Daily Post Photo was taken in Nagano (Japan) earlier this year. It is a mountainous, landlocked prefecture in the centre of Honshu, belonging to the Chubu Region. Most famous for the Zenkoji temple and snow monkeys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Advertisements

Nagano Diaries, Part #2

Hello! Today I want to share Part Two of my Nagano Diary (part one, here) and it’s all about SNOW MONKEYS! Fun Fact: The Jigokudani Yaenkoen park opened in 1964 and since then many thousands of people from around the world have visited the park to observe the lifestyle of the Japanese Macaque.  The Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) is a monkey species native to northern Japan, and is the most northern-living non-human primate, surviving winter temperatures of below -15 °C.  They have brown-gray fur, a red face, hands and bottom, and a short tail – and often seem remarkably human like. – Find out more including how to get there, here. Below photos taken en route to the park via the Snow Monkey train, which served up some pretty snowy views. Welcome to Yamanouchi  Lunch stopover at Enza Cafe Scenery from the 1.6KM trail ** Once inside the main attraction there were a list of rules we had to follow, some of which were: DO NOT FEED them, yes they are cute, and you …

Nagano Diaries, Part #1

Mr Cheerful and I spent a gorgeous weekend in Nagano for my birthday celebrations, we ended up doing a Snow Monkey and Temple tour. Today it’s all about the Temple (and city) part of that. We went via Bullet train which was my first experience.  The route from Ueno to Nagano took just under 2 hours and was a pretty smooth ride if I say so myself. I know it’s not as cheap as going by coach, but it’s really convenient if you want to save travel time and to feel comfortable. There was lots of leg room and plenty of storage.  ** Cost about 7,800 yen one way per person . SORRY about the lack of photos inside the train, but here is a video from the interweb. Welcome to NAGANO! Fun Facts: Nagano is an inland prefecture situated in the central part of Honshu that spreads across the Central Highland, also known as the Roof of Japan. Because it is situated between the Kanto and Kansai regions, it developed while being influenced by …