Three Things Thursday
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Three Things On A Friday

Hello! Hope you’ve had a lovely week? Me, I’m shattered it’s been intense but thankfully has ended on a positive note.  

My three precious things for the week; 

Sweet As Can Be Home. Myself and the pooch have finally found a place to call our own. Now, is it the dream one we’ve been wishing for? Nope. Did it tick every box I (stubbornly) had in my head? .. Course not. 

HOWEVER is it so wonderful that we’re super happy everyday to be there? YES. 

We are living in a big spacious house, there’s a park at our doorstep (great for walking your dog) and sharing with three people who have all welcomed me and the pooch into their home. 

And that is all that matters. 

Because finding somewhere to live with pets (in London) has proven to be one of the MOST difficult, fraustrating processes   I have ever been through and one I would rather not repeat for a long, long time. 

Friends. You know the ones who make your world a much better place. We moved in last weekend and already had visitors, two of my bestest friends came by and we spent the weekend out on the patio, drinking, catching up and generally just having the best time. Which was so welcome after everything that’s happened over the last few months! 

Work. Work. Work. Although this week has been exhausting, I’m still grateful to be working where I am. During the toughest of times, work has actually been a really good distraction and I’m finding myself generally happy to be there. I’m going to try and hold onto this feeling for as long as I can. 

How has your week been? What changes have taken place? Share in the comments.



  1. Yay you found somewhere, that’s fantastic! I know the friends you mean. I thought I would have a boring birthday last week but got a surprise call from one of my dearest friends who was in town from Sydney. He changed his flights and stayed in town, took me to dinner and we watched a movie and had decadent desserts. Such a beautiful gesture and it made my week!

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    • Ninette D.S says

      Movies & dessert and friends = best times! Thank you took a while to get here, but we’re super happy!!


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