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June + July Reflections

Hello! I didn’t realise I missed June reflection, until I was about to write July’s one. Mainly due to both being nothing short of stressful.

Don’t get me wrong good things have happened (they also do) but it’s easy to forgot, especially if you have one of those weekends where you’ve gone to work on a Friday, blinked and it’s Sunday night. 

Back to reflections, this time around I’ve decided to make it bitesized, because my brains decided to stop coming up with fuller sentences. 

June the GOOD: I flew to London / Landed a new job / Ended up falling for two stray kittens (they’re in Japan with Mr C .. I miss them)

June the BAD: Spent too much money getting back home with my dog / Cried almost / Left my love in Tokyo.

July Ups: Surprised my best friend for her birthday (still the best night ever) / Met up with a few friends for drinks & giggles / Managed to speak to Mr C every day.

July Downs: House hunting hasn’t gone well at all  / My anxiety is at an all-time high / Sadly I’m dreading August and it hasn’t even begun, which is really unusual for me.

To wrap up, once again I have no plans blog wise for August, but instead will hopefully get a chance to finish up some posts I really want to share with you. Life wise I’m ridiculously excited for another close friend of mines Birthday, as she’s planning a treasure hunt around London (adult version) I can.not.wait!

Heres hoping that August presents amazing opportunities for us all and our days are filled with joy. 

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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