Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Hello! Hi three things readers, the absence of gratitude is not for the lack of good things happening, I just haven’t mastered the art of coping with some of the trials that have presented themselves this past month.  

But today has been a good day so here’s my gratitude list, not just for the week but with highlights from this month. 

Kindness. Doesn’t cost a damn thing, so why can’t more people spread it around as much as they do hate? I’ll never know. But I wanted to THANK every single stranger that helped me, during my long journey from Japan to London, via Amsterdam. 

It was the best way to welcome me back to Europe. Despite being exhausted, emotional and anxious throughout, each person that offered to help with my luggage and ginormous dog (travel) crate on trains, buses and ferry made the journey so much easier. 

I wish I could contact you all and let you know just what it meant to me. And hope that the universe rewards you with nothing but great things! 

The big SURPRISE!. A few days after being back in London, I went to surprise my best friend for her birthday. Keeping it a secret not just from her but our close friends was hard but worth it. Their reaction was perfect. I felt nothing but joy, gratitude and love that night, even though my feet were so sore from all the dancing. 

Work and Play. Before my first day, my boss invited me to meet everyone and play rounders (what is it?). I haven’t played since I was at school, but it was a great way to meet my new colleagues in a relaxed environment with drinks and sunshine. I had a blast and recommend every company to organise new starter introductions via games and giggles. Which helped make my first day less stressful for sure! 

Love on the Line. Distance can do things and make you feel things you never thought possible. It’s only been a month (feels like years) but I wanted to say how grateful I am to Mr Cheerful for helping make things better when I’ve had those days that make me feel as if the world is collapsing around me. Thank you for staying up late and listening to me,it truly means the world.

What’s on your gratitude list for July? 



  1. “Kindness. Doesn’t cost a damn thing, so why can’t more people spread it around as much as they do hate? I’ll never know.” –> Couldn’t agree more.
    And happy birthday to your friend. I can imagine how awesome the surprise party, especially from our love ones. 🙂

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