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Contemplation,Week 14

Hello! Welcome to week 14 of Contemplationwhere Desley from musings of a frequent flying scientist, chooses a prompt from her Kikki.K  A Sentence a Day Journal and invites us to share our response.

* my post from Week 13, here *

Today’s prompt: What challenge did you overcome today?

One of today’s challenges was not letting doubt and anxiety of making it work take over. Myself and Mr Cheerful are currently in a long distance relationship, it’s the first time for us both. And at the moment we’re still in the teething stages of it all, the one where we try to get into a routine and battle out the big struggle that is time difference.

He is eight hours ahead of me, when he sleeps I’m at work, and his at work whilst I sleep.

Admittedly I am having a harder time with it than I expected. Maybe it’s due to the lack of sleep (my dog isn’t used to city noise yet and barks through the night) or maybe I am understandably sad that Mr C isn’t and won’t be here for a while.

It’s beginning to become a daily struggle not to let my anxiety over our relationship, rule over love.

I thought I would just get on with it and during the first week I did. Was practically on fire: started work, went to my best friends birthday, got my dog into a routine and generally got things done.

Now suddenly I’ve become unable to handle my sh*t. I know that this is temporary but knowing isn’t always enough and today it really isn’t.

To combat the wave of anxiety, doubt and emotions that have decided to camp here, I’ve gotten back into daily meditations and I’m seeing my best friend on Thursday evening for a proper catch and hopefully wine!

Another (much smaller) challenge was staying awake. I usually crash around 3PM but today I started falling asleep around 12PM which was unexpected, considering I went to bed quite early last night. Was difficult staying awake, I haven’t for the life of me adjusted to U.K time yet. Thankfully I have understanding work colleagues who remained patient when training me.

What challenges came your way today? How did you handle it?

Till next time.

** I took an involuntary hiatus BUT I’m using this week to catch up on the weeks I’ve missed **



  1. Oh hun, you’ve done so well! It’s an enormous change and it must be so difficult without Mr C around. But I think you can rest assured that you’re going to be ok. Meditation, best friends and wine – what a wonderful combination. Take care X.

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  2. I left you a comment but something weird happened with WP maintenence!? So strange. What I basically said was – I think you’re doing SO well. You’ve made an enormous change in your life and that was a very brave thing. I can only imagine how hard it is without Mr C. My move to Melbourne has separated me from my family and that has been hard enough. But mediation, best friends and wine! What a perfect combination. Best wishes and take care X.

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    • Ninette D.S says

      Awww thanks so much, your words really mean a lot! Things are still difficult and as I said still in the teething stages of it all, hopefully better days ahead and my anxiety can take a hike! But best friends and wine are helping 😀 being separated from your family especially if you’re used to seeing them everyday is extremely difficult, but you’ve definitely made it an adventure that I’m enjoying watching unfold! 😀 x

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