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Life Update (With A Side of Jet Lag)

Hello! Hello! Today I wanted to share what’s kept me away from here, beginning with the news that I am no longer in Japan and finally back home in London. HURRAH but first lets go back to my last days in Japan and the ridiculousness that took place.

Forgive my ramblings I wrote this SUPER jet lagged.

Goodbye (for now) My Loves …

During my last week and a half I became part owner of these two.


How did this happen? I went to get my dog his vet certificate for travel and bumped into a distressed lady and three kittens in a box, by the way this is the second time I have met a lady with a box of stray kittens at the vets. She stroke up a conversation with me as the only other English speaker and we bonded over animals.I found out later that she was a flight attendant and due to leave that very same day, so she desperately wanted someone i.e the vets to look after them.

After a lot of back and forth, both the vet and the lady were shaking their heads at not being able to find a solution other than to take the kittens back to where she had found them. With one looking extremely ill and the other two with eye infections, I agreed to look after them until she was due to fly back in three days.

Sadly the really sick one of the three passed away the next day (at the animal hospital). We still have no idea whether he was put down or died because he was so sick. If there was ever a time where I really wished I had learned Japanese that was it.

Anyway long story short, the lady didn’t manage to get a flight and has realised that she may not be able to do anything else for them. So for a week and half myself and Mr cheerful spent time nurturing the kittens back to health and falling completely in LOVE with them.

Today they are the healthiest, most playful little things who I miss so so much.

As I had to leave, Mr C is now looking after them whilst we try to work out what to do. Despite him being allergic to cats, we would love to keep them HOWEVER after the stress of getting my dog ready for travel, and the expense of having pets in general, right now we don’t know if we’ll be able to.

Another option is a pet shelter that rehomes animals, and thankfully doesn’t put them down however there isn’t a guarantee that they’ll be rehomed together and that breaks my heart because they are extremely close.

My last week in Japan was supposed to be filled with alcohol, sightseeing, last minute memory making and enjoying life. Instead it was spent rescuing kittens from a stranger, crying and a lot of stress at getting my dog ready to leave on time.

If I had known that the lady wouldn’t come back for them and that two weeks later we would still have them, would I have agreed to look after the kittens that day? F***yeah I would. I’m a sucker for the under (cats) and would never want them to come to any harm under my watch. SO what’s next for Forrest and Custard? (I named them obvs) is to be continued.

Pets aside, one huge outcome is I have also left my love in JP. This will be the longest time we’ve ever spent apart in almost 3 years. I have mentioned how difficult the decision to leave Mr Cheerful and do a long distance relationship for a while was, there’s still for me so much uncertainty that lies ahead. I’m anxious all the time and heartbroken that we didn’t end up leaving together. But I’ll continue to support his reasons for staying and stand firmly behind mine for leaving.

I want to write more about this, and how I feel but I don’ think my head has caught up with my heart. So I don’t have the right words, yet.

Recently I have been asking myself if I’ll ever return to Japan and honestly I’m just not sure. All I know is it won’t be anytime soon, as I have an ever growing travel bucket list and now more than ever see the importance of doing what makes you happy. Despite the often stressful, down sides to my adventure over there, travel still makes me extremely HAPPY and I can’t wait for the next destination.

In the meantime,


Hello London …

Before I left the U.K, I thought about never looking back and finding ‘home’ elsewhere. I thought I would wander around the globe and find replacements for London. Meeting new people whose friendships would make me forget how difficult it was to leave my beloved friends / family behind. Food that was so delicious that I would laugh in the face of a full English breakfast.

I spent weeks, looking at maps, dreaming and hoping that the grass would be greener and better for me on the other side. And now that I’m back, in this moment I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

The past two years have taught me to be grateful for the now and for seemingly ‘’boring’’ things such as being able to read road signs, the diversity around me, getting lost but not panicking because you’ll always find your way … how could you not, this is your hometown after all.

So how in the world are you!?

** I will be sharing the ups and downs of organizing pet travel by yourself, soon.

** My time zone has changed so I’ll need to re-adjust certain post times, hopefully you’ll still enjoy them!

** Photo source: One + Two (my own) + Three



    • Ninette D.S says

      Thank you, it’s been quite an adjustment but I’m settling in ok 😁


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