Month: July 2016

June + July Reflections

Hello! I didn’t realise I missed June reflection, until I was about to write July’s one. Mainly due to both being nothing short of stressful. Don’t get me wrong good things have happened (they also do) but it’s easy to forgot, especially if you have one of those weekends where you’ve gone to work on a Friday, blinked and it’s Sunday night.  Back to reflections, this time around I’ve decided to make it bitesized, because my brains decided to stop coming up with fuller sentences.  June the GOOD: I flew to London / Landed a new job / Ended up falling for two stray kittens (they’re in Japan with Mr C .. I miss them) June the BAD: Spent too much money getting back home with my dog / Cried almost / Left my love in Tokyo. July Ups: Surprised my best friend for her birthday (still the best night ever) / Met up with a few friends for drinks & giggles / Managed to speak to Mr C every day. July Downs: House …

Three Things Thursday

Hello! Hi three things readers, the absence of gratitude is not for the lack of good things happening, I just haven’t mastered the art of coping with some of the trials that have presented themselves this past month.   But today has been a good day so here’s my gratitude list, not just for the week but with highlights from this month.  Kindness. Doesn’t cost a damn thing, so why can’t more people spread it around as much as they do hate? I’ll never know. But I wanted to THANK every single stranger that helped me, during my long journey from Japan to London, via Amsterdam.  It was the best way to welcome me back to Europe. Despite being exhausted, emotional and anxious throughout, each person that offered to help with my luggage and ginormous dog (travel) crate on trains, buses and ferry made the journey so much easier.  I wish I could contact you all and let you know just what it meant to me. And hope that the universe rewards you with nothing …

Weekly Photo Challenge #30: Home Sweet Home

My response to this week’s lovely theme Cherry On Top. Photo taken in Hampstead Heath (London) which is one of my favourite places. This is the cherry on top because, it reminds me just wonderful it is to be HOME. If you’re around definitely visit, don’t forget to pack a good book, maybe a picnic and pray it doesn’t rain! Have a wonderful Sunday.

Contemplation Week 17

Hello! Welcome to week 17 of Contemplation, where Desley from musings of a frequent flying scientist, chooses a prompt from her Kikki.K A Sentence a Day Journal and invites us to share our response. * my post from Week 16, here * Today’s prompt: What does your dream home look like? This question couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, as I’m currently house  hunting so have lots of ideas of what I want my dream house to look like.  Realistically I probably won’t be getting my dream house this time around (financially I’m just not there yet) this won’t stop me from making my next place look as close as possible to my “dream”.  So what does that look like? A mix between an old country home with a Scandinavian twist. I know the two couldn’t be more different but I just can’t decide.  Having always LOVED day beds, floral blankets, vintage cookery and the idea of having a swing set in my front porch making me go “awww” every.damn.time. This theme remains etched in …

Weekly Photo Challenge #27: Art Or Wreckage?

Missed a few challenges, so over the next few days I will be playing catch up beginning with the theme Opposites. Photo taken in Denmark (Copenhagen) we still don’t know whether this was for artistic purposes or an actual car wreck … but this is my interpretation of something that couldn’t be more opposite. Have a good day ahead.