Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Hello! I hope your week has been all sorts of fun and you find yourself full of gratitude today.

My three things for this week are:

Mr Cheerful. I have been all over the place mentally and things have been incredibly stressful, but this week wouldn’t have gone so well without Mr Cheerfuls help. SO I am extra thankful this week for his patience, love and support.

Home Sweet Home. Today I finally booked my flights home and although I am feeling really anxious about going back after two years away, I’m VERY excited to get back home to my friends and family. Also during my first week, it’s my best friend’s birthday and she has no idea I’ll be there to celebrate with her. Can’t wait to surprise her.

Job Offer. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest fears was going back home to no job, and having nowhere to live. As of today one of those prayers has been answered as I got offered a job and one that I couldn’t be happier about!

Things are starting to look up, and just in time too.

What are you most thankful for this week?

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