Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things Thursday  I hope you are well?

Below my little list of gratitude for the week,

Unspoken Words. I woke up a few days ago with this quote from my best friend: sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than the people right beside you.  She is currently going through something really difficult and I’ve felt really guilty for not being able to be there for her. So this message means the world! Knowing that despite the distance, she still feels like I am helping is a really good feeling.

A Healthy Distraction: in Books. There’s no better feeling when everything is a little hectic, than finding a healthy distraction for a moment or two. Mine right now is the book I’m reading, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It’s beautifully written and I’m enjoying the fact that even though I’m more than halfway through, I still have no idea how it’ll end. Recommend a read, even if you REALLY hate cheesy YA books..

Positive Feedback. As I’ve mentioned (too many times, sorry!) I am currently looking for a new job. This week has felt like a step in the right direction in terms of getting back in the game after two years of being an expat. I’ve been having some major anxiety about it all, so having some positive feedback this week has helped calm my anxiety and reassured me that I’ll be ok when I go back home.

What three things have made you smile list this week?

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  1. Unspoken Words – that’s such a true statement. I have my friends who are so far away who I still feel so close to and who almost always make me feel good. It’s so nice of you to be there for her.

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