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Reflection: May

Hello! Whereas April was all about becoming a better listener, this month was about working on my to do list. The plus side, it’s allowed me time to sort out some important things, but on the downside I’ve been feeling uninspired to do much else.

This is the first post I’ve done in 9 days! That’s the longest I’ve gone without saying a word or sharing photos on here. Despite the silence bugging me after just a few days, I couldn’t bring myself to post anything as part of me knew that if I had, I would’ve instantly regretted it and you would be able to smell the desperation.

So why the silence? As I’ve written before I am currently in the middle of tying up loose ends in Japan // getting my dog ready for travel // setting up a place to live in London // setting up work in London and generally trying not to collapse under the stress of it all.

I knew the whole process would be difficult BUT I underestimated how much energy it would take out of me.

These days I have only two modes, stressed or tired. I keep walking around worrying about whether or not I’ve done it right, that maybe my dog will have to be put in quarantine. And on top of that I’m worried I’ll get back home and have no job or place to live for months!

And breathe.


Moments of Gratitude

In order to avoid setting myself up for an anxiety attack thinking about what could go wrong, I want to shed light on some of the good that has occurred, amongst all the crazy:

  • I updated my REED (recruitment website) account and two really good agencies got in touch with me about some job prospects, one’s that I’ll definitely consider and look into when I return.
  • FRIENDS. A few of my friends have offered up their beds / sofa’s for me to occupy whilst I get my s*** together. Whatever happens I am grateful to know my friends have my back and I won’t be out on the streets.
  • In taking some time out from posting, I’ve had a chance to re-arrange a few things on here and I’m currently working on a logo which I am excited to continue tweaking until it’s just right.

Time out has also allowed me to focus on other social platforms like Twitter. I’ve been having lots of fun and there’s never a dull day. The distraction is very welcome.

Next Month

Pet Travel: I’ll make sure to update you on how my first pet travel experience went … once it’s over! I want to share the experience in the hopes that it can help make things easier for at least one person, as it’s a complex process.

Blog: Plan is to get back to regular my blogging schedule soon! I have missed reading everyone’s post, and interacting with you.

Everything else: Japanese designer Issey Miyake has an exhibition on Saturday in Tokyo, I’m going with a friend and we’re both super excited as it’s meant to be amazing! Other than that and possibly climbing Mt Tsukuba nothing else (fun) is set in stone.

That’s a wrap on May.

I hope that next month overflows with love and laughter in your world.

But before then, how are you?

*Last month’s reflection post, here // *Photo Source: One + Two



  1. Oh I enjoyed this post. I’m sorry your stressed and tired and I know how you feel. I do hope you get your doggie travel sorted. And how nice it is to have friends who are there for you. Let us know how the exhibition goes. I love Issey Miyake! Fabulous.

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    • Ninette D.S says

      I hope the stress and feeling “out of it” passes for us all! Maybe it was a theme in May and now it’ll pass? Thank you and yes I’ll try and get some photos from the exhibition to share on here! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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