Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Hello! How’s your week going?

Things have been quiet and a bit off this week for me, but these three things have kept my spirits up:

Everything in life is Figureoutable. No idea why I’ve never heard of Marie Forleo before (where have I been?) BUT I am glad I have now. I came across this wonderful, inspirational and funny video from her on Super Soul TV. Everything is figureoutable is a motto her mother taught her as a teen, and how she’s lived her life since.  Super inspiring, definitely give it a watch!

Travel Planning. Whenever I am in one of my life sucks moods, travel planning always cheers me up! It helps me to focus and appreciate the opportunities I have around me, being able to travel is a luxury we rarely stop to fully appreciate. Recently I started looking into what’s next for me after Japan and it’s got me SUPER excited. Can’t wait to share final travel plans with you and hopefully get some cool tips on what to do.

Brave Boy. In the last two months we have been to the vet’s three times, twice for rabies vaccinations and today for blood sampling. My dog has been so so brave each time! The way he seems to just shrug it off and continue loving life has been lovely to see. He continues to encourage me to try and adopt his lust for life and not let anything, not even a trip to the Drs get in the way.

What little-big things have kept you smiling this week?


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