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Contemplation, Week 10

Hello! Welcome to week 10 of Contemplationwhere Desley from musings of a frequent flying scientist, chooses a prompt from her Kikki.K A Sentence a Day Journal and invites us to share our response.

* my post from Week 9, here *

Today’s prompt: How has a pet impacted your life?

I would say my dog has had a huge impact on my life. His taught me many things in such a short space of time! Some of which include patience, unconditional love, and to stop to enjoy the simple things.

Before I got him I wasn’t known for my patience, and I know it’s still a work in progress BUT my dog has definitely been a constant reminder for me to continue to practice being patient. His also taught me what unconditional love really means. He shows me this every day, even if I’m miserable where I feel like everything sucks, he still shows me love and doesn’t judge me for having one of those days.

Something else he has taught me from day one, has been to stop and enjoy the simple things. I love that he gets excited about the seemingly smallest things, like balloons or chasing birds on our walks. They’re simple things to us but to him it’s a big deal. So his taught me to stop once in a while and truly enjoy the simple things.

What has your pet taught you?




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