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Japan Diaries: Showa Day (Golden Week)

Golden Week is a national Japanese holiday which starts today!

What is it? A collection of four (days) within a week. Instead of just giving people those four holidays off, many offices end up closing for about 7-10 days, giving their employees a full week of freedom. Even if they’re not given the whole week, many employees will just take time off anyway. The holiday week starts on April 29th and goes through May 5th. Source, Tofugu

Dates: April 29th, Showa Day / May 3rd, Constitution Day / May 4th,  Greenery Day / May 5th,  Children’s Day

Today marks the celebration of late Emperor Hirohito, the Shōwa Emperor who sat the Chrysanthemum throne from 1926 until 1989.

It is intended to be a time to reflect upon the events of Emperor Hirohito’s 63 year rule, the most significant of which are the putting down of the Taisho Democracy, two military coups d’états, World War II, the post-War occupation and dismantling of Imperial rule, and Japan’s rise to economic power. Source, Gaijinpot

Things to do:

  • Many people visit Shrines on this day so they can get pretty crowded, if crowds aren’t your thing avoid visiting shrines / temples throughout golden week.
  • Another way to celebrate is to fly colourful streamers, in the shape of a fish which are called Koinobori.
  • Go to the Haru-no-Taisai: Spring Grand Festival

What holidays are coming up where you are?

*Image source: Emma Wilson


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