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Japan Diaries: Tokyo Skytree

Hey there! Today I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Tokyo Skytree, before that

Fun Facts: The height of the TOKYO SKYTREE was originally specified at approximately 610m in the original project. However, it was planned from the beginning to be the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. After careful discussion and research on high-rise buildings that are being built around the world, it was finally decided on 634m, to become the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world. Skytree Website

TOKYO SKYTREE was recognized by the Guinness World Records Company on November 17, 2011 as the tallest tower in the world.

What it’s like inside?  TEMBO DECK (350 m)” is covered in huge 5 meter-high glass for a 360-degree all-round view, allowing visitors to see from the foot of the SKYTREE up to 70 kilometres away in the distance. The “TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO GALLERIA (450 m)” will take you from the “floor 445” to SKYTREE’s highest “floor 450” via a glass tube. Skytree Website






Overall experience, if you’re going there at night I wouldn’t go out of my way to go up to the highest point of 450M. It was difficult enough to get some decent pics up at 350M, so any further to me seems like a waste of money.

IF you’re going there during the day, it might offer you better views but at 350M the views wouldn’t disappoint.

They usually have something special lined up for their visitors, during our visit they had a show called Wipe Out,



There was also a touch screen that had an interactive map of Tokyo, had lots of fun playing around with those for a while!



Opening times: 8AM – 10PM last admission I believe is at 9PM.

With pricing it varies greatly between time of day, age and whether you’re in a group or not as a factor SO use this link for full pricing information.

Have a good day ahead!




  1. Your photos are amazing! Love your blog I will be traveling to Japan soon and was thinking of going here what are the lines like? I want to get the most out of my trip and there is just so much to see and do 🙂

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    • Ninette D.S says

      Thanks for stopping by 😀 … We went in the evening and the que wasn’t long at all. They said it would be 20 mins to get into the elevator but we were in within maybe 10. I would try and see it during the day for better photos. But if you hate crowds & queuing for stuff then evenings are better I’d say 🙂 how long is your visit?

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      • Ninette D.S says

        It shouldn’t be 3 hours, unless you’re coming over within the next week? It’s a national holiday starting friday for a week, everywhere will be crowded and busy. otherwise you should be ok 🙂

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      • By Friday do you mean tomorrow or next week? We will be landing in a week and 3days time (not that I am counting or anything) 🙂

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      • Ninette D.S says

        Tomorrow, so you’re ok you’ll be arriving when it all dies down a little 🙂

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      • Oh thank goodness I don’t mind crowds but I think I would just be overwhelmed if it was like that as soon as we landed

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