Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things Thursday  ,I hope your week has been all sorts of wonderful and if not, it’s almost the weekend so hang in there, you’re doing just fine!

This week was slightly quieter but still a breath of fresh air, which I am thankful for. Moments that made me smile,

Impromptu Game Sesh. Went to the mall for our weekly food shop and bumped into a friend who was out with his gf. The mall has an arcade so we ended up playing a Mario Olympic game … that I lost. And then Street Fighter (5 I think) which I WON …. yay! Had so much fun… next time I’m coming for you, Mario.

READ ME. Even though I am one book behind on my challenge, I’m enjoying taking time out to read. Super late to this thrilling party (see what I did there), but just finished The Girl on the Train. Took me a while because I didn’t want people to accidentally let anything slip. I won’t do that to you here and will only say, read it BUT take the ending with a pinch of salt.

I didn’t do that and got annoyed about what felt like a rushed and sloppy ending. ALSO now I’ve had more time to think about it, I think there are lots of loose ends. One day when I’ve calmed down, I’ll write a review.

On the plus side, isn’t it great when you find books that have the power to stay with you, long after you’ve read them?

Moving on, next on the list is The Little Prince. Mr Cheerful has been trying to get me read it for ages, I bought it the other day at a bargain price of 99p (Kindle Edition) super excited to get stuck into that.

Long Walks. Other than walking my dog, I usually cycle everywhere. Saturday the sun was shining, so I decided myself and Mr C should go for a long walk instead. Which ended up being really nice! And gave us an opportunity to have a conversation, without me gasping for breath after cycling up a hill.

What has been going on in your world this week?



    • Ninette D.S says

      Give it a read and let me know what you think about the ending! 🙂 the film is out in August in the U.S no idea when it’ll reach japan :/

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