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Contemplation, Week 6

Hello! And welcome to Week 6 of Contemplation.

Thanks again to Desley from musings of a frequent flying scientist, for starting the Contemplation seriesEach week Desley chooses a prompt from her Kikki.K A Sentence a Day Journal and invites us to share our response.

* My post from last week, here. *

This week’s lovely prompt:  What are you saving for?

Currently there is so much going on and ALL of it seems to require money. So I’m I saving for one thing? Nope, I’m trying to save for quite a few things but they are all important and I know once paid for, I’ll feel a huge sense of relief and excitement.

As our time in Japan is coming up, at the moment trying to save for flights back home / my dog’s travel expenses / a few day trips and weekends away. This is all for a good cause so of course I’m not mad about it, just a little overwhelmed by how costly it’s becoming BUT I keep reminding myself that whether you’re moving abroad OR just a few miles away, it’s always stressful and expensive.

Something more fun that I’m saving for is, a friendversary getaway this summer. I am SO excited for this particular trip as it’ll be two years since I last saw my friends and this trip is looking to be AMAZING, again I am a little worried about you guessed it money, but  knowing that this trip is coming up and I’ll be surrounded by people I love makes it better.

Lastly, a recent savings addition is for my first trip to North America, namely Los Angeles to see one of my best friends. I haven’t seen her for such a long time that besides the gorgeous beaches, I am SUPER excited for overdue catch ups!

These things are all important and mean the world to me to be able to do, so I couldn’t just pick one! Hopefully with good time management, some money saving hacks I’ll be able to save for each one with my head still intact and maybe some spare change for something else?

What are you saving for at the moment?

Till next time.





  1. Travel seems to be a common one for all of us and I think that’s a wonderful thing. And your travel in particular is great – going home, meeting up with friends. All fun things that are good for the soul. 😊😊

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