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Reflection: February

Hello! I hope you’re feeling as good as a certain someone post the Oscars!

Now is it me or despite being known as the shortest month of the year, February seems to have dragged on? On the flipside, are ready for a brand new month? No, don’t worry neither I’m I. Its been difficult trying to stay on top of things and I’ve been a bag of anxiety, mainly caused from March marking 3 months before we go back home and there are still lose ends to tie up in Japan.

Including getting our dog ready for travel.

So no biggie, right.

In the name of practicing mindfulness and being aware of my thoughts, anytime I feel myself getting worked up I try and work on changing my perspective. By quietly bringing myself back into the present and asking myself, what if everything turned out to be just fine?

  • What if your dog passed all his medical tests and flew out with you
  • What if you’re owed (Japanese) tax money and don’t owe them a single Yen.
  • What if you found a decent well paying job back home before you left!

It felt great just typing it. But before crossing that particular bridge, February let’s talk about that shall we?

This month didn’t get off to the best start. From Mr Cheerful getting terrible news from home, to my anxiety wreaking havoc on me, everything seemed to move at 100mph. Thankfully this little list of happy kept me from hiding under the covers chanting ‘’not today, not today, not today”:

Flow Magazine. I wrote a post about this wonderful magazine (here) I owe a lot to it, as it offered me a daily reminder to practice gratitude in the form of my Thought diary and motivated me to learn more about mindfulness. Which leads me onto,

Mindfulness (short) Course. I’ll be posting about what the course offered and how brilliant it is after I complete it! So far it’s been really interesting and taught me lots of important things to remember in life. One being that we can unlearn pretty much ANYTHING, including negative self-talk, which is something I personally struggle with.

Mr Cheerful. As I mentioned in my Birthday post (here) despite the terrible week he was having, Mr C went out of his way to make my birthday extra special with a trip to Nagano! Photos of that trip here and here.

Everything above combined forces to help end this month in a much more positive way.


Next Month: a more Social March?

Well for my blog at least. I finally created an Instagram account, so far I’m having lots of fun with it and have discovered other bloggers too which is always nice. The reason it took me a while to create one, was because I was a little nervous about having an open account. Instagram isn’t the friendliest of places sometimes, so I had avoided it until now.

Getting over that has spurred me to look into any other ways I can push myself.

For example I have wanted to create a new page to experiment with, one dedicated to unfinished written pieces and a few diary extracts. Why? As I mentioned in my updated About page, as with most writers / bloggers, I value any opportunity to grow and strongly believe that personally I won’t be able to, unless I start sharing the not so bright sides too.

I’m not very technical, so creating that page and getting it to function may take time but I am excited to try something new. At the moment I don’t have a deadline for creating it or when it’ll be ready, but I have started working on it. Hopefully when it’s done, you’ll enjoy reading the entries. Wish me luck.

As for the rest of the month, there are celebration’s and day trips coming up in the form of: White Day (Japan), Sakura Season, St David’s and St Patricks Day and a day trip to Yokohama, so look out for those posts.

What celebrations are coming up where you are? Would love to hear about them!

** Photo sources: One + Two



  1. Oh I found a fabulous magazine shop and it had the mindfulness issue of Flow as well as the next one so I snapped them both up. I’m slowly and happily devouring the first one and I’ve kept the second one in its brown paper bag lol. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your mindfulness course, I love the idea.

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    • Ninette D.S says

      Oh yay glad you found a store that had it 😀 I’m jealous you have a copy of both, I was at the airport (only place close to us that store English magazines/ books) but I completely forgot to pick up my copy, I’m so upset trying to plan a day to go and get mine as there new issues looks gorgeous. Happy reading. And mindfulness course has definitely been interesting, hope you enjoy my recap!

      Liked by 2 people

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