Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things Thursday people.

I hope this week has been all kinds of amazing to you and you’re doing well?

Fail of the week, my dog got new treats which is nice but he keeps ummm …ok, no other way to say it but passing wind and it’s made me want to throw up a few times! He loves these treats and I don’t want to be mean by throwing them out, but seriously I can’t wait for him to finish them.

Nice way to start huh. Moving on, lets get into what HAS made me smile:

Run! Run! Run! I know, who have I become!? BUT running has actually made me really happy. I started using this app called Couch to 5K, which I’ll write about once complete. Currently I’m 6 weeks (out of 9) in and feeling GREAT, this week was tough so I’m really proud of myself. Endorphin’s come at me.

P.S I Love You. Mr C has been away since last Friday to be with his family and I won’t lie, I have missed him LOTS. Our skype calls reminded me what a great duo we make and why he makes my heart happy.

Gifts from HOME. One of my best friends sent me a box full of goodies. It was a really nice surprise, and one that I have unashamedly been eating my way through all week! FYI, this is the same person who sent my dog those damn treats, so his definitely feeling grateful for her too. On that note, I’m off to make a cup of tea and stuff my face with chocolate.

What’s made your week a little brighter?

Have a lovely day ahead.



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