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Mindfulness: Flow Magazine

Mr Cheerful actually spotted the magazine first, we were at the airport and he asked me to come over and have a look at something he thought I would be interested in, and he was RIGHT. After taking a peek inside, I grabbed my (English) December issue and raced home.

This issue’s theme was on Mindfulness, below a note on that from the magazine:

Why is Mindfulness so good for you? Mindfulness has proven that it’s here to stay. In fact, it is taken seriously these days as a way to improve anxiety, depression and general well-being, and it’s expanding into other realms – Flow Magazine

I brought mine on the same day I quit my job, I was clearly on the hunt for something that would motivate me to get of bed and not spend the New Year feeling sorry for myself.

Two months on and I’m still finding new things to love about this magazine. There are so many amazing and thoughtful pieces on Mindfulness, finding beauty in simplicity and loving the life you have. One of the most refreshing readings I’ve done in a LONG time. Less glitz + tabloid headlines and more informative, colourful pieces that leave you feeling positive and not comparing yourself to Gigi Hadid.

The only downfall is that there are TOO many pretty pieces packed inside, so much so that there are exercises I haven’t started on yet because I can’t bring myself to write in them, for example;

Beautiful Moments Jar. Everyday things that make you happy for no reason at all. You can save these by writing them down on these notecards for example. Put your cards in a jar and pull one out now and then to cherish the moment again – F.M



You pass the same places day after day on your way to work, going to the supermarket or walking to school and back again. Next time you go out, take a really good look around you. Chances are you’ll see things you wouldn’t normally notice. These pictures may help, too. – F.M


The only one I have managed to write all over is, One Thought A Day diary. I’ve been writing in it since January 3rd and it has definitely helped me to practice being more aware of my thoughts.

Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that, thoughts – Allan Lokos


Below is Flows motto about their print magazines

The best things happen when you dare to follow your heart. And that’s exactly what we did when we hatched this idea for a new Dutch magazine in an attic room several years ago. We dreamed of a magazine with which we could explore our love of paper. A magazine of unhurried time, all about doing things differently and making new choices. Small happiness, daily life and the beauty of not always managing to be perfect. That is how Flow began. Flow is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. We love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of our much-loved paper. We print the magazine itself on different types of paper. Flow Magazine

I highly recommend buying a copy of their latest issue, and/or following them on Instagram for a dose of colour and positivity!

(Price: €16.95 / £13.23 / $18.75)

What has inspired you recently? Share in the comments below.






  1. I love this magazine too. I only discovered it a couple of months ago and I adore it. I love that this month’s focus is mindfulness. I will go find a copy this week. I have a “Sentence A Day” journal from Kikki.K and it gives you a short prompt each day to answer and there is space for three years, so each year you can easily see what your response was last year and see how you’ve changed (or not). I’m about 8 months in and I really love it. Today’s prompt was – who do you ask for advice? My answer was my mum X.

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    • Ninette D.S says

      It’s such a wonderful magazine! … I like the sound of the one you mentioned though, writing it down for 3 years and looking back on your old responses sounds fun! I’ll look for that one 😀

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      • I tried to get the magazine today but they didn’t have any left. I’ll try another store on Thursday. I found a store call “Mag” which sells nothing but magazines. I think I won’t get out of there without spending a small fortune. LOL.

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      • Oh and the Sentence-A-Day journal – I love it. I’m thinking about doing a blog post about it actually. Maybe one or two of the prompts and see if others might like to join in. What do you think?

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      • Ninette D.S says

        Oh definitely do it! I’d join in I love a good prompt .. Also I found the sentence a day sojournal and its beautiful, I’ve already asked for it as a present! 😀

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