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Heart Day! …

Oh sweet Valentine’s day, you have no idea what kind of trouble you can cause!

Half of us spend this time of year rolling our eyes so far back its a surprise we don’t fall over, at the just the mention of the day. The other half, are busy trying to guess what xx got them or how they can’t wait to see xx face when they show them what they’ve brought/made.

Although I’m not a big advocate for v-day, I am a huge sucker for LOVE and anything that encourages to remember and be grateful for those we hold dear to us.

BUT as with everything else, I haven’t made any concrete plans and I’m aware that the day is fast approaching. SO if you’re in the same boat, grab your beverage of choice and have a look at the list below! I wanted to feature links with ideas that cater to everyone in your life (yes even pets) whom you’d like to shower with extra love and appreciation.

blog-V-day -Collage

Lovley links:

Cards! Cards! Cards! – 25+ DIY Valentine Cards

V-day inspired food- Valentine Eats

D.I.Y pressie’s –Gifts for Him (mostly) + Love Bugs anyone

Kids! Kids! Kids! – V-day Crafts

Furry Friends – Gift ideas for Pets

Day/Night – Date Ideas

Gifts for – Friends, Crushes or Lovers

Let me know if you made or brought anything from the list? AND what your plans are for the day!

Till next time.




  1. Naomi says

    These are so adorable! I’ve got a date but am cooking dinner (no pressure) – need to get thinking with recipes!! Oh dear, starting to panic :S

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  2. Ninette D.S says

    Don’t panic, plenty of time to find a recipe. I’m thinking simple dishes, something tapas inspired with cheese & wine haha 🙂 good luck, let me know what you decide to do?


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