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Reflection: January

Hello! Hope January has been good to you so far?

My oh My, what a year (too soon?) It’s been already. Finally started looking forward to some of the changes that are on the way but before all that:

Coulda Woulda Shoulda.

I know it’s in the past now, and we should’ve left all our worries and ‘’baggage’’ in 2015, BUT life doesn’t work that way and some of us mere mortals don’t work that way. SO here’s to those of us who can admit we struggle to just ‘’let go’’ and are not able to start every year so fresh and so clean (Outkast always and forever).

Honestly I stumbled into the new year like a lost sheep who REALLY just wanted her mummy. Now that we’re getting ready to welcome a brand new month, have I recovered and managed to go back out there all confident and shiny… NOPE!

I’m still feeling unbalanced and very unsure about the future. Sigh.

Luckily I am aware of some of the reasons behind this.

Confession, remember that airport job that I was super EXCITED about? Well everything started off perfectly, I made friends the commutes were shortened to just 10 mins from the previous 1.5 hours, and I even got promoted after my first week!

I raved about my new job and finally feeling ‘’settled’’ here, to anyone who would listen. Then out of the blue, things started to go horribly wrong.

What went wrong?  The gist of it was that I was bullied purely based on the fact that I was a foreigner and this all came from … other foreigners.

Things happened that, had they happened back home I would probably be suing the company and in the middle of an ugly court case right now. But alas this isn’t the U.K, things don’t work that way and sometimes you just have to accept the apology you’ll never get and try to move forwards.

Which is what I am trying to do.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme for me in Japan. Its what I wanted to write about when I mentioned needing a rant but never posted.

Foreigners snubbing other foreigners, making people feel as if they don’t belong here even though they themselves are a) NOT Japanese and b) are also seen as the ‘’other’’.

Thankfully with the help of Mr Cheerful, I am slowly getting over it and just glad that at least I managed to leave that company behind in 2015.


Onwards and Upwards

After everything that happened, I spent January working on myself and trying to figure out what’s next. The only thing that’s semi concrete is that we’re leaving Japan and heading back to London in June. I am SUPER excited to see my friends and family, spend my summer going to festivals!

In the spirit of working on myself, daily yoga was brought back into my life, with the help of Yoga Camp. I have had a great time and the affirmations have been the ultimate cherry on top. Now that it’s almost over, I’m jumping into another challenge, this time courtesy of the lovely people at Do You Yoga.

Other than that, nothing else is planned. Not even my Birthday. Usually I am an avid planner, everything especially my birthday is planned way ahead of time BUT clearly I’m not looking forward to this one, not even a little.

Firstly this is the last year of my 20s, how did that happen!?

Secondly it’s sadly another birthday without my loved ones present, hence I have been an emotional, blubbering mess these last few weeks. Most days have consisted of mini conversations with myself along the lines of:

Sob I don’t want to be 30 next year!

Sob sob I want my friends here, sob sob sob life sucks wahhhhhhh

Actually maybe it’s a good thing I’m saying goodbye to my 20s all I did was cry towards the end.


New Name, Same Me

I posted about this on Wednesday, about deciding to start over, with a new name and theme. I feel so much better about my decision. Other than maybe a theme change (damn you WordPress too much choice) the name is sticking, hurrah.

What’s in store for February? Blog wise I have a few ideas up my sleeve including a (soppy) Birthday post, a Valentines one, and a possible photo diary from Yokohama.

I truly hope that if like me you stumbled into 2016 that things are starting to look up and next month treats you well. It’s my birthday month so I think I am allowed to command good things for you.

Listen up February you better be AWESOME. Please and thank you.

Till next time.

** Photo sources: One, Two and Three **


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