Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things ThursdayHow’s your week going?

Keeping things short and sweet this week, so let’s jump straight into what has made this week lovely!

Best Friend SKYPE! Despite time difference still making it difficult to skype as much as I’d like, my best friend and I had an amazing skype session. We spoke about everything but the majority of the time was spent with us screaming in excitement at the fact that we’ll be re-united SOON!

Healthier Choices. I’m still doing Yoga Camp, hooray! But that aside, I’ve also been enjoying going for runs (who I’m I!?) and getting creative in the kitchen this week. Made a delicious and healthy spinach, mushroom frittata which was surprisingly DELICIOUS.

(Mans)Best Friend. My dog has been in a sweeter mood (than usual) this week, giving me nothing but kisses and cuddles, which are always WELCOME. It’s definitely making the week run smoother.

What or who has made your week lovelier than usual?


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