Three Things Thursday
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Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things ThursdayHow are you?

Its been a while right!? Apologise but towards the end of last year, my head was not in right place at all, so Three Things took a back seat.

Today though, I am feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy, so let’s get onto what helped make this week wonderful.

Time Well Spent. Thanks to the holidays, I’ve been able to spend some much needed time with Mr Cheerful. This week we’ve  been out on lots of fun dates, some of which I’ll post on here soon …  Yay for holidays!

STAR WARS. Finally went to see it last night and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Mr Cheerful said that it was nice to see that it wasn’t too gimmicky or an over use of CGI. Basically was nice to see them sticking to their roots.

Yoga Camp. I’ve managed to commit to it so far which has me feeling positive and confident, there are daily affirmations thrown in tthere too which is just an added bonus!. Here for more info.

What has made your week extra special?

Have you seen Star Wars, any thoughts?

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!





  1. Naomi says

    I haven’t seen the Star Wars movie (yet) but I went to Skytree Tower and they have a Star Wars exhibition on the top floor! If you are in Tokyo, you might want to go (perfect for a date with Mr Cheerful) 🙂 I will be posting about it soon!!

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