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Reflection:December w/2016 Vision

Hello! Hello!

This is probably the latest Reflection post, but I had to take a minute to stop freaking out.

Usually with a new year, like so many people I go on a mad hunt for sources of inspiration in the form of reading other Blogs, Quotes and scrolling through Instagram. I usually leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

This time however, the hunt hasn’t worked its magic.

I can’t shake the feeling of anxiety. Mainly because last year was possibly one of the most revealing and emotionally RAW, I’ve had in a long time.

Although with new years, signs push us to leave the past behind, let go and embrace whatever lies ahead. Personally for me with the lead up to 2016, I found myself anxiously biting my nails and letting out a HUGE sigh.

I don’t want to let this feeling swallow me whole, before I’ve had the chance to see what beautiful things could manifest. I mean there are many possibilities, such as going back to the U.K to see my friends and family whom I miss SO SO MUCH.

The possibility of moving to a different country before 2017.

The strong possibility of getting another DOG because it’s definitely time to get Marley a new friend!

Just writing these out seems to have taken the edge off a bit, and in the spirit of trying to stay on board the “positive” train, there are things I would like to take part in and learn this year, so that hopefully by the time the clock strikes 12:00 on the 31st December 2016, I’ll be one of those people who’ll embrace it.

NOT because this year was s* * * BUT because it was wonderful and I want to make the following one even BETTER.

Below, are the little ways I hope will help.

2016 : Vision

  • Photography. Once I manage to take a good photo and the editing looks just right, the feeling it gives me is AWESOME. Which is why I want to continue learning and exploring in this area, starting with the Weekly Photo Challenge (below).
  • Blog! Blog! Blog! More content but not forgetting that quality matters more than quantity. Reading more about blogging and reading blogs that I admire always help, so I’ll continue to do this whilst working on making my little space something I’m proud of.
  • True Calling. Aim to work harder on finding out what my ”true calling” may be. I feel like I gave up on this midway through the year. Instead my energy was spent on doing things that brought me zero joy, which of course got me nowhere. For 2016, I hope to focus my energy on what does bring me JOY and maybe it’ll lead me to my answer? OR as close as possible because… Life.
  • Goodreads Reading Challenge. As I mentioned in my reading list post, I am excited to participate in this challenge again and sticking to my humble 12 books.
  • Healthy Skin. The older I get the more I notice that my skin (especially around my face) are not in the best conditions. I’m currently on the lookout for a simple but effective skincare regimen.
  • Healthy Body. No weight loss targets, however I do want to develop a healthier attitude towards food. Moderation is def key this year!
  • And Mind. Staying Mindful. Continuing with my Yoga / Meditation by starting off the year taking part in Yoga Camp with Adriene.

To wrap up a belated December Reflection, here is my first photo entry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

In response to the Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge, my interpretation of the theme Circle comes in the form of my favourite Mug. I brought it mainly because it reminds me of one of my best friends, as the Owl is her favourite animal.

Photos taken on my IPhone and edited using Rookie Cam (photo app).

Have a great WEEKEND!

* * Photo source: Jar of Flowers.


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