Month: January 2016

Reflection: January

Hello! Hope January has been good to you so far? My oh My, what a year (too soon?) It’s been already. Finally started looking forward to some of the changes that are on the way but before all that: Coulda Woulda Shoulda. I know it’s in the past now, and we should’ve left all our worries and ‘’baggage’’ in 2015, BUT life doesn’t work that way and some of us mere mortals don’t work that way. SO here’s to those of us who can admit we struggle to just ‘’let go’’ and are not able to start every year so fresh and so clean (Outkast always and forever). Honestly I stumbled into the new year like a lost sheep who REALLY just wanted her mummy. Now that we’re getting ready to welcome a brand new month, have I recovered and managed to go back out there all confident and shiny… NOPE! I’m still feeling unbalanced and very unsure about the future. Sigh. Luckily I am aware of some of the reasons behind this. Confession, remember …

Weekly Photo Challenge #4: Before I …

My interpretation of Optimistic How do you fuel the fires of optimism? By reminding myself that there are good people out there and some hope to change the world someday. ** Apologise for the poor quality, was taken on a very old phone! **   Photo taken four (I think) years ago, when I went to see the Candy Chang Before I Die project. Find out more about the project here + check out walls from around the world. Have an awesome day!

Pokémon Centre, Catch ‘Em All

Apologise for the title but it had to be done! After our Sunshine Aquarium visit (post here) we briefly stopped by the Pokémon Centre, which is also based in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (Tokyo). I must admit I haven’t been a huge fan of Pokémon since it stopped being about trading cards with friends on the school playground, or rushing home to watch …. ahh the good old days. This doesn’t mean that I’m against the direction it’s taken, I just preferred trading cards. Any way, I managed to snap a few pics from the centre. Overall we did have a good time, and it was nice to see Pikachu take on many forms!

Three Things Thursday

Happy Three Things Thursday.  How’s your week going? Keeping things short and sweet this week, so let’s jump straight into what has made this week lovely! Best Friend SKYPE! Despite time difference still making it difficult to skype as much as I’d like, my best friend and I had an amazing skype session. We spoke about everything but the majority of the time was spent with us screaming in excitement at the fact that we’ll be re-united SOON! Healthier Choices. I’m still doing Yoga Camp, hooray! But that aside, I’ve also been enjoying going for runs (who I’m I!?) and getting creative in the kitchen this week. Made a delicious and healthy spinach, mushroom frittata which was surprisingly DELICIOUS. (Mans)Best Friend. My dog has been in a sweeter mood (than usual) this week, giving me nothing but kisses and cuddles, which are always WELCOME. It’s definitely making the week run smoother. What or who has made your week lovelier than usual?

Under The Sea (Aquarium)

After a year and a half of acting like a five year old and asking to visit an aquarium to see the PENGUINS (I’m obsessed with them!) we finally went. Destination, Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro (Tokyo). However it wasn’t the experience I thought it would be, more on that in a bit! First check out the photos from our afternoon,